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Gives notice legal boundary of the outermost 

limits of a facility

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Deters casual intruders from penetrating a secured area by presenting a barrier that requires an overt action to enter.

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Electric Fence Security Malaysia

Fence Alarm Systems

Cost-effective and reliable combined alarm and electric fence deterrent.

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Electric Fence Monitoring Systems

It works with any house of fence energizer and can be placed anywhere along your fence. 

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    An intrusion detection system is a device or software application that monitors a network or systems for malicious activity or policy violations.

    Chain link fence enhances the goals of good security planning. In-depth security planning takes into consideration the mission and function, environmental concerns, threats, and the local area of the facility to be secured.

    It consists of a sensor cable which can be attached to any existing or new metal security fencing to provide effective perimeter intrusion protection.

    Fence Gate Alarm

    Optimizes the use of security personnel while enhancing the capabilities for detection and apprehension of unauthorized individuals. Supports surveillance, detection, assessment, and other security functions by providing a zone for installing intrusion detection equipment and closed-circuit television (CCTV).


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    Electric Fencing

    An electric fence is an obstruction that utilizations electric stuns to stop creatures and individuals from intersection a limit. The voltage of the stun may have impacts running from inconvenience to death. Most electric fence are utilized today for rural fencing and different types of creature control, in spite of the fact that they are much of the time used to improve the security of delicate zones, for example, army bases, jails, and other security touchy spots; places exist where deadly voltages are utilized. 


    Design and function

    Electric fence are intended to make an electrical circuit when contacted by a man or creature. A part called a power energizer changes over power into a concise high voltage beat. One terminal of the power energizer discharges an electrical heartbeat along an associated exposed wire about once every second. 


    Another terminal is associated with a metal bar embedded in the earth, called a ground or earth bar. A man or creature contacting both the wire and the earth amid a heartbeat will finish an electrical circuit and will lead the beat, causing an electric stun. The impacts of the stun rely on the voltage, the vitality of the beat, the level of contact between the beneficiary and the fence and ground and the course of the current through the body; it can extend from scarcely discernible to awkward, agonizing or even deadly 

    Security Electric Fence

    Fence energizers

    Early rotating current (AC) fence chargers utilized a transformer and a mechanically determined change to create the electrical heartbeats. The beats were wide and the voltage capricious, with no-heap tops more than 10,000 volts and a fast drop in voltage as the fence spillage expanded. The switch system was inclined to disappointment. Later frameworks supplanted the switch with a strong state circuit, with a change in life span yet no adjustment in beat width or voltage control."Weed burner" fence chargers were famous for a period and highlighted a more drawn out term yield beat that would pulverize weeds contacting the security electric fenceElectric Fencing Malaysia


    These were in charge of many grass fires when utilized amid dry climate. Albeit still accessible, they have declined in ubiquity.Most present day wall produce beats of high voltage at a given interim of time, and don't consider whether there is a creature or individual contacting the conductive wires, with the exception of the voltage multiplier based electric fence charger that stores high voltage potential and dumps its charges when a conductive load (grounded creature/individual) contacts the wires. 

    Electric Fencing System

    Contingent upon the territory to be fenced and remoteness of its area, fence energizers might be guided into a lasting electrical circuit, they might be controlled by lead-corrosive or dry cell batteries, or a littler battery kept charged by a sun based board. The power utilization of a fence in great condition is low, thus a lead-corrosive battery controlling a few hundred meters of fence may keep going for half a month on a solitary charge. For shorter periods dry cell batteries might be utilized. A few energizers can be controlled by in excess of one source. 


    Fencing materials

    Smooth steel wire is the material frequently utilized for electric fence, running from a fine thin wire utilized as a solitary line to thicker, high-malleable (HT) wire. Less frequently, woven wire or spiked metal perimeters can be charged, however such practices make a more unsafe fence, especially if a man or creature progresses toward becoming gotten by the fencing material (energized security fencing is unlawful in a few regions). Engineered webbing and rope-like fencing materials woven with fine directing wires (more often than not of hardened steel) have turned out to be accessible throughout the last 15 to 20 years, and are especially helpful for regions requiring extra perceivability or as transitory fencing. Electric fencing system,The charged fence itself must be kept protected from the earth and from any materials that will lead power and light or short out the fence. Fencing must in this manner keep away from vegetation, and can't be joined specifically to wood or metal posts. 

    Home Guard Security

    Normally, wooden or metal posts are crashed into the ground and plastic or porcelain encasings are appended to them, or plastic posts are utilized. The directing material is then joined to the posts.Jolted palisade wall are normally produced using painted gentle steel, stirred steel, hardened steel or aluminum. Commonly the wall are 2.4 meters (7 ft 10 in). The palisade fence is mechanically more grounded than a run of the mill steel link electric fence to withstand affect from natural life, little falling trees and rapidly spreading fires. 


    Security Non-lethal fence

    Security Electric Fences are electric fence developed utilizing specific hardware and worked for edge security instead of creature administration. Security electric fence comprise of wires that convey beats of electric current to give a non-deadly stun to discourage potential interlopers. Messing with the fence additionally results in an alert that is logged by the security electric fence energiser, and can likewise trigger an alarm, strobe, or notices to a control room or specifically to the proprietor by means of email or telephone.In useful terms, home guard security electric fence are a sort of sensor exhibit that goes about as an (or part of a) physical boundary, a mental obstruction to potential interlopers, and as a component of a security caution framework. Non-deadly electric fence are utilized by both private and government-segment bodies to anticipate trespass. These incorporate cargo bearers, auto barters, hardware rental organizations, automobile merchants, lodging networks, business industrial facilities or stockrooms, detainment facilities, army installations, and government structures.

    Perimeter Detector

    A considerable lot of these electric fence go about as observed security caution frameworks notwithstanding causing an awkward stun. Energized palisade wall are utilized to ensure confined property and high security offices, yet additionally around some private homes. They can likewise be utilized inside a working, for instance as a lattice behind windows or sky facing windows to keep individuals from moving through. They have even been utilized on yachts and on huge boats to prevent privateers. Electric fence are sporadically utilized to dishearten suicide endeavors on tall structures, and to decrease the occurrence of spray painting and other unimportant wrongdoing.Because of the elevated amounts of wrongdoing in South Africa, usually for private houses to have border barriers. The City of Johannesburg advances the utilization of palisade fencing as opposed to murky, generally block, dividers as hoodlums can't cover up as effectively behind the fence. In the City of Johannesburg manual on security, one can read about prescribed procedures and upkeep of palisade fencing, for example, not developing vegetation before palisades as this enables hoodlums to make a concealed breach. Sorts of security electric fence include:Piggyback: A Piggyback electric fence is mounted off the back of a current wire or work fence, adding another level of security to the current edge boundary. The piggyback profile is affixed to existing wall posts (e.g. mainstays of a palisade fence) utilizing bolts or screws. These are the most ordinarily utilized perimeter detector security electric fence.


    Divider top: Wall-top electric fence connect to the highest point of a current edge obstruction, for example, a brick work divider. These are the second most regular sort of security electric fence. The current fence must be somewhere around 1 1⁄2 meters (4 ft 11 in) high.Remain solitary: Stand-alone electric fence go about as the sole border boundary. They are additionally stylishly satisfying whenever set up conveniently. This compose is regularly just found as one of numerous levels of edge security around high security foundations, implying that to contact it somebody has needed to get through no less than one physical obstruction before this. The remain solitary fence must be something like 1 m (3 ft 3 in) far from the closest boundary. 


    Different employments

    Late advancements incorporate electrical fence observing for interloper discovery rather than giving an electric stun to dishearten passage. It tends to be utilized notwithstanding or as substitute for a large group of other fence observing frameworks.Covered electric fence (likewise called "imperceptible wall" or "electronic wall") are now and again used to contain puppies or animals. The covered wire transmits a feeble radio flag, which is recognized by a neckline worn by the creature. The neckline transmits a notice clamor close to the wire, yet on the off chance that this is overlooked, produces a gentle stun. People and different creatures are uninformed of the covered line. In a comparable framework, the neckline utilizes GPS signs to decide vicinity to a foreordained "virtual fence" without a physical establishment. more at Malaysia Energy Commission


    Our cost-effective monitored pulse fence system consists of a grid of energized, high tensile wires that can be constructed inside a new or existing perimeter fence. The monitored wires detect unauthorized entry or exit into defined areas and trigger instant alerts.

    Electric Fence Installation Cost

    The installation cost will vary greatly depending on which kind of electric fence you are purchasing.

    Electric Security Fence Residential

    Electric security fencing for perimeter protection from electric fence system manufacturer - a non-lethal electric shock deterrent with intruder detection.

    Fence Energizer

    JVA designs and manufactures electric fencing products for perimeter security and livestock management. Our goal is to provide the very best technology, quality and service to our customers worldwide.

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